10 Outdoor living courses in July

Enjoy a delicious lunch of home-grown produce when you attend one of the Husbandry School's courses. 
One Day Essential Gardening Course
Date Tuesday, 5 July / Time: TBA / Where: The Cotswold Gardening School, Gloucestershire  Price: £95.00 (includes lunch and tea/coffee) 
This course is a great opportunity for the novice gardener to get to grips with the basics. Even the gardener with some experience will find this course a great refresher and a chance to brush up on your fundamental gardening skills. The course provides all the essential information about good gardening in a clear format and it also aims to answer all your questions. Click here for more details.

Encouraging Biodiversity
Date: Friday, 6 July / Time: 9:30am – 12:15pm / Where: TBA / Price: £45.00
This course offers insight in how to make your garden more attractive to the surrounding wildlife. It covers topics such as using native plants to enrich nature which is becoming more and more important as bees and butterflies come under threat. Click here for more details.

Introduction into Organic Growing
Date: Saturday, 7 July / Time: Starts at 10am / Where: nr Bishops Storford, Herts / Price £70.00 (includes lunch)
Suitable for those starting to grow veg, fruit or flowers in a garden, allotment, patio or balcony. Provides an overview of organic practices, with emphasis on how these differ from non-organic. Covers basic techniques on maintaining soil health, as well as the practicalities of growing on a small scale or as part of a smallholding.The teacher for this course is Valerie Muir, co-owner of a smallholding and business. She is a lifelong grower and a retired medical scientist. Click here for more details.

Permaculture Design 
Date : Saturday, 7 July – Saturday, 21 July / Time: 2 week course / Place: Rifleman Cottage B&B, Kent / Price: TBA
Although permaculture is most commonly thought about in connection with gardening and farming, its principles, ethics and design methods can be adapted and used in each individual’s own work, interests and home to bring about a more harmonious and sustainable lifestyle. This two week course covers these ideas and shows you how to introduce permaculture into your everyday life. Click here for more details.

Eat Your Flower Beds
Date: Sunday, 8 July / Time: 10am – 4pm / Where: The Husbandry School, Devon / Price: £60.00 (includes lunch and materials)
Learn about some long forgotten flowers and be amazed at what you can eat from your own garden and the beauty and flavour they can bring to your meals. During the day you will learn about identifying, choosing, growing, harvesting, storing and cooking edible flowers. Click here for more details.

One Day Propagation For Beginner
Date: Thursday, 12 July / Time: TBA / Where: The Cotswold Gardening School, Gloucestershire  / Price: £95.00 (includes lunch and tea/coffee
A practical and inspiring course designed to get you started with growing your own plants. Learn how to fill your garden with all kinds of plants costing pennies and not pounds. The course includes 'how to' tips on growing from seed, propagation by cutting and division and a visit to a  90 foot polytunnel to experience propagation in action. Click here for more details.

Garden Remedies 
Date: Wednesday, 18 July / Time: 10am – 4pm / Place: The Husbandry School, Devon / Price: £60.00 (includes lunch and materials).
Discover how to make natural liquid feeds, tonics and your very own hand scrub from plants in your garden. The aim of the course is to give some insight into looking after your garden in an environmentally friendly way. Click here for more details.

Hands on the Beehive
Date: Sunday, July 22 Where: nr Colchester, Suffolk / Time: 1.30pm - 4.30pm / Price: £35.00
Spend an amazing afternoon surrounded by thousands of bees.  You will take the roofs off several beehives, learn to identify the queen, workers and drones; the different types of cells, and whether the hive is healthy or not.  To get the most out of the course it would help if you have been on a beginner beekeeping course before. Click here for more details.

Make a Herbal Kits Remedies
Date: Sunday, 29 July / Where: South Norwood, London / Time: 10am - 4pm / Price: £80.00
In this hands-on class, you'll master how to create natural remedies that treat a range of ailments from cuts, insect bites and diarrhoea, to joint pain and the common cold.
Discover fascinating folklore behind healing herbs, make a selection of infused oils, ointments, creams, syrups from scratch, learn which herbal remedies best treat specific ailments all under the guidance of an accomplished medical herbalist. Click here for more details.

Natural Beekeeping  (intermediate)
Date: Friday, 29 June – Sunday 1 July / Time: Arrive 5pm Friday – leave 4pm Sunday / Where: Embercombe, Devon / Price: £175.00 (includes all meals and camping in the garden)
Study 'natural beekeeping' in top-bar hives. The course is hands-on and as experiential as the weather allows. To join the intermediate course you should have at least one seasons experience in beekeeping. Topics such as natural swarm management and disease and pest control will be covered. Click here for more details.

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