10 Outdoor Living Courses in August

Clay Oven Making
Date: Sunday, 5 August / Time: 9am – 5pm / Where: Near East Grinstead, Sussex / Price: £85.00 (includes gourmet lunch). Learn the basic principles of how to construct and build a clay oven.  This will enable you to design and build your own clay oven at home to bake pizza or bread. Click here for more details.

Chicken Keeping for Beginners
Date: Wednesday, 8 August / Time:  6:30pm – 8pm / Where: Hen Corner, West London / Price: £20.00 (includes snacks and cold drinks). This course is an introduction to keeping chickens in an urban garden. Topics covered include the needs of chickens, their daily, weekly and monthly care. You will have a chance to handle one of Hen Corner’s seven hens and ask questions. Find out more here.

One Day Kitchen Gardening For Beginners Course
Date: Thursday, 9 August / Time: TBA / Where: The Cotswold Gardening School, Glousteshire / Price: £95.00 (includes lunch). Cover all the basics you need to get started in growing your own fruit and veg. This course is full of practical tips and advice to get you going. You are encouraged you to bring photos and measurements of your garden along for tailored advice. No previous experience is required to attend this course. Click here to find out more.

Nature Awareness and Connection Weekend
Date: Friday, 10 August – Sunday, 12 August / Time: 11am – 4pm / Where: Near Moretonhampstead, Devon / Price: £150.00. Spend a weekend learning techniques to broaden your senses, ways of blending in with natural surroundings, enabling closer encounters with wild animals, understand bird language, including tracks, signs and behaviours. Click here for more details.

Vegetable Growers Companion Course
Date: Saturday, 11 August / Time: 1:30pm – 4:30pm / Where: Busy Bees, Gwynedd / Price: £15.00 for an individual course. The course includes on-site examples and you will carry out some practical tasks to learn more about vegetable gardening. This is a monthly course and each course is planned around the demands of a new month. Click here for more details.

Special Beekeeping Weekend
Date: Saturday, 11 August – Sunday, 12 August / Time: 9:30am – 4:30pm / Where: Near Carlisle, Cumbria / Price: £200.00
The aim of the course is to give you sufficient theory in helping you become self-reliant in beekeeping. The course includes two hours hands-on beekeeping where you will handle the frames, bees and look for the queen and spot the eggs. Learn all about the lifecycle of bees the classes of bees in the hive and their respective tasks, disease control, food sources, feeding your bees and much more. Click here for more details.

One Day Container Gardening Course
Date: Thursday, 16 August / Time: TBA / Where: The Cotswold Gardening School, Glousteshire / Price: £95.00 (includes lunch)
Come and enjoy this fun course exploring the possibilities of container gardening. Container gardening is a growing trend as people try make the most of the space they have. Learn how to grow vegetables and herbs in planters plus loads of practical tips, design ideas and a step by step “how to guide”. Click here to find out more.

Preserving the Harvest – Vegetables
Date: Saturday, 18 August / Time: 10am – 4pm / Where: Near Ripon, North Yorkshire / Price: £60.00
Often when you have a glut, you need different and unusual ways of preserving them so the course covers  a range of sweet and savoury preserves that can be made from whatever is in season at the time of the course. At least 3 types of preserve will be made during the day which could include relish, sauce, pickle, jelly as well as jam and chutney. Click here for more details.

One Day Essential Gardening Course
Date: Wednesday, 29 August / Time: TBA / Where: The Cotswold Gardening School, Glousteshire / Price: £95.00 (includes lunch)
This course is a great opportunity for the novice gardener to get to grips with the basics.
Even the gardener with some experience will find this course a great refresher and a chance to brush up on your fundamental gardening skills. Click here for more details.

One Day Gardening With Wildlife Course
Date: Thursday, 30 August / Time: TBA / Where: The Cotswold Gardening School, Glousteshire / Price: £95.00 (includes lunch)
Explore why nature is so valuable in your garden and learn plenty of practical tips on how to garden with wildlife. The course includes an inspirational slide show with lots of creative ideas and clear advice about how to attract wildlife into your garden. Click here for more details.

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