Pinterest, Plastic Bag Planters and Paper Pottering

Hen and Hammock is on Pinterest and oh what fun it is! Now that we have started we can't seem to stop pinning, repinning and creating boards (the best part of all). One of our most recent boards is Sustainable Garden Ideas full of how to guides and nifty ideas for gardening sustainably.

1. Crochet your own planters from plastic bags.
2. Build a trellis out of old bicycle rims.
3. Create a striking hanging planter with the frame of a broken paper lantern.
4. Turn old newspaper into seedling pots.
5. Instead of throwing your old gutters away, use them to make a hanging garden.
6. Most of us don't have the skills or tools to turn scrap metal into an owl but he is just so darn cute we had to share him!

For more gardening ideas, how to guides and stunning products check out our other Pinterest boards.

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